West Hawaii County Band

For the Musicians in the Band

Available calendars for the West Hawai'i County Band

For more specific information please contact the band's director:

Subscribing to the calendars:

Calendar Descriptions:

The West Hawai'i Band Calendars are Google Calendars in the iCal format. This format is used by many calendar applications including apps supported by Google, Apple and Microsoft. For more information please check your documentation. Use the link "iCal Format" to subscribe to each calendar.

There are 3 distinct calendars for the band. Information for each calendar is taken from emails and announcements by the director. Contact westhawaiiband@gmail.com with concerns or issues:

  1. Band Concerts: This calendar shows the time and location of public events. This is shared with the public.
    • iCal Format: https://calendar.google.com/calendar/ical/dvf88k2bnsgi05rl14ovb98hbk%40group.calendar.google.com/public/basic.ics
  2. Band Rehearsals: This calendars shows all rehearsals for the year, including rehearsal immediately preceding any concerts. This calendar may include performance order or notes from the director.
    • iCal Format:
  3. Band Musicians Call: This calendar provides the time musicians are expected to arrive for setup at a performance location. As with Band Rehearsal, this calendar may include performance order or notes from the director:
    • iCal Format:

How to subscribe: